The Nephron Information Center

The Nephron Information Center ( was established 25 years ago and contains hundreds of pages of content about the kidney. It was divided into 3 parts, posted information we created, news stories generated on the web, and calculators.

I am the founder. My name is Stephen Fadem, and I have been a nephrologist (kidney doctor) since 1978. I was obsessed with the kidneys since first starting medical school in 1969, and have lots of stories to share.

There have been many changes since 1996 when was born. Within our specialty, we don’t use terms like renal or nephrology as much - it is now all kidney. (This is much simpler.) We now have a way to classify kidney disease. There are many exciting ways to prevent kidney disease that did not exist 25 years ago. Outside of our field, we have had iPhones since 2007 and we are overloaded with information. MEDLINE became a free online service in 1997. Google started in 1998. Despite the availability of information, we often ignore it and neglect our health. What has not changed is that too many people are still coming to see kidney doctors like me late in the course of their disease, when they could have prevented or delayed the outcome by making some minor modifications to their lifestyles.

Hopefully, some of you will read the book Staying Healthy with Kidney Disease when it comes out. It is being published by Springer Nature. is not going away, but it is going to get a makeover. I will not bore you with a bunch of technical jargon that I don’t really understand, but the bottom line is that we need a more modern content management system. The only thing I know about content management systems is that they are abbreviated CMS, the same as the folks who run Medicare. Substack is the hot, new way to publish content. So, here it goes.

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