Staying Healthy with Kidney Disease

Why publish with Nature?

I started medical school in 1969. Nature was 100 years old at that time. 1869 was the same year that Thomas Graham, the person who first described dialysis, died. In fact, the very first edition of Nature ran an obituary of Thomas Graham. (Nature Nov 4, 1869).

Since the death of Thomas Graham, we have seen his dream become a miracle. Today, thousands of people who would have died are now alive and doing fairly well because of the dialysis he envisioned. It always happens that when technological advances catch up with the imaginations of great people, practical developments emerge.

Since 1869, Nature - and now Springer Nature has been capturing and documenting that technology. As a specialty, we have attempted to move upstream (no pun intended) from the fateful day when we would tell our patient that dialysis would be required. Now, we can start early, and share our experiences with those patients who listened to the doctors who listened to the science and were about to delay dialysis by years.

So, it is befitting that we are publishing this book with Nature. I am honored and privileged that they are going to help you understand better how to take care of your kidneys - 150+ years of research is going to make you have a better life.